Ubhuti ka Brian act “innocent”


*AFTER BEING SILENCE for days uBhuti Ka Brian has issued a media statement dismissing allegations that he is was given part of billions from VBS heist. But he failed to prove it but the Hawks might6 not be fooled by the cheap pr exercise. In a statement, he also failed to give a reason why his brother’s name is on the list of people who looted the VBS bank.

Floyd Shivambu said ever since the VBS Heist Report was released, I see weapons of mass deception and propaganda machines hard at work to mislead our people with their fake news.

“For the record, I have never received R10 million from VBS or anyone in my personal account. Faceless sources reportedly to be from South African Reserve Bank, who have ulterior motives, have been misleading journalists and radio presenters with their malicious narrative.

“I have no dealings with VBS and any attempt to link the EFF to the bank for cheap political points is a clear sign of desperation and soon enough people will see through it. The so-called well-placed sources in the SARB is a coward and a liar who misled journalists and can’t even reveal their identity,” said Floyd in a statement.

He added by saying their position on VBS has never changed even when the Bank is under curatorship, that is why we exposed the appointment of Nedbank to take over the accounts of VBS Depositors without due process despite the fact that there are fewer Nedbank branches and Nedbank is the most expensive.

“If our interest was on siphoning money from the dissolved Board Members of VBS, we would have disengaged when the bank was placed under curatorship. We, however, continue to closely monitor how Depositors monies, made an endless call to the Reserve Bank to give people their money and motivated why the Bank should be saved,” added the statement. sizwe@citypost.co.za



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