*THERE IS no escaping fact that North West will not meet the deadline meant for list configuration at their expected branch confederation. To take this far, is it the fault of Provincial Task Team?

Well, one is not convinced; without another presumption, it is quite clear that in efforts to move forward, we still have few comrades who continue to ferment political chaos for obvious reasons because they believe that they are above ANC and nothing should happen without attaching their names to the peak of the process. If not so the process should be worse than useless since this should be seen as a problem that exposes PTT as lacking capacity to manage the politics of this province.

This phenomenon takes precedence from domestic interventions to affected VBS involved municipalities, not forgetting long stand marathon of court confrontations to yield the legitimacy of the PTT. However what has been a strength to all this known factional warring, strands of ANC membership by association and convictions they bolster to have connections of senior leadership across various upper structures. There will be sustained election anxiety even when North West continues to register large numbers compared to some few other provinces which benefit from this stirred chaos.

At which point are we going to define our character, positively to benefit this province? How do we get the comfort of being micromanaged by cadres from other provinces to point that even deployment doesn’t benefit NW inhabitants but those who stay in the cross borders on NW jurisdictions? At some point leaders should reignite towards one agenda of growing this province that to continue pointing fingers amongst ourselves.

Young comrades and ANCYL should not believe that they will be liberated through factional participation, with current demands of forth industrial revolution there’s much needed to be done outside parameters of dominating factions. If we are to place barometer and gauge crop of leadership surely we can boldly agree that it is a membership that fails the movement. We lack political depth, many NEC deployed make their leadership internship in this province and even empowered with resources that could be shared amongst ourselves but because we have blurred vision we fail to realize this systematic agenda.

Hey Comrades and so said leaders wake up and work in union to put the interest of this province before anything else. If not you will prefer to emerge through an ill process like what is currently happening. Surely this is a blow for our province but victorious for individuals since there will be leadership arrangements and many will be forced to dance to King Monada summer song even when they don’t like the song. I submit!

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