A play reveals TRUTH about Quatro camp in Angola



 -NOT EVERY LEADER can have the guts to reveal the truth about the notorious Quatro camp in Angola. Sello Maseko the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) Tshwane Ward 29 in  Shoshanguve branch chairperson ‘s play Angola does not only deserve an award but also deserve to be on big screen.

The play with the talented cast from Tshwane and around South Africa is keeping Mzansi talking. So some it might open old wounds but those wounds need to heal, it is time for the people to know the truth.

The play is not only educational to dramatic art students but it is also educational to history and political science students. The show started on the 06 March and it will end on the 25 March.

Angola a state play which started at the State Theatre in Pretoria is written and directed by Sello Maseko who grew in Winbterveldt, but now stays in Soshanguve.

 “I lost two uncles in the revolution and their spirits keeps on telling me to tell the story with a play what happened in Angola. My uncle

“Two of my uncle’s where casualties of the revolution. Vuyisile Maseko died in Quadro Camp in Angola and Manzini Maseko died in Maputo when MK safe house was attacked. So this story has been close to my heart I wanted to tell it 10 years ago… but at that time I was not strong …then spirits of my uncle’s keeps on coming back forcing me to tell this story of how they died. I wanted people to know the truth of what we did to each other and to also teach the youth that freedom didn’t come cheap.

“I am a born worn because I read a lot of books. I was inspired by the book called Revolutionary Time and Revolutionary Lives, Inside Quadro, Mbokodo, Soldiers of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Life and Time of Chris Hani, Angola Maguerrila and Still, I rise. 

Leadership came and said job well done but I said things that I was not supposed to say…. -the play demonize character of OR and it exposes MK internal problems … They said I should write stories that speak good about ANC leaders. But I said to them they must avail themselves every time we need them for questions…because they become extremely busy and at some point, one would need guidance but they are not there to lead us. But they really loved the piece…,” said Maseko

Maseko said Minister Ayanda Dlodlo was in attendance on the 09 March 2018, she also gave them a deep reflection of what they went through during those times. She joined MK when she was 17.

“The story will help us to find closer and come to terms with what we did to each other. It is also an exercise to confront our own weaknesses. We are planning to take the show to festivals around Africa and then tour in Europe and later America.

“To upcoming directors and writers go to school study because talent alone is not enough. They must not be afraid to tell stories that are thought-provoking and uncomfortable.

“I am a political activist…all my plays are political protest theatre,” added Maseko.

Maseko wrote award-winning plays like  A moment when love hurt in 2012, Apprehension in 2014 and Rocks & Roses in 2016.All these plays tour nationally and internationally in United States of America, Germany, Zimbabwe, Botswana and the United Kingdom. africa@citypost.co.za





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