Tshwane House opened by DAEFF administration in secret

The Tshwane House is the brainchild of the ANC administration was open in secret….


THE ANC AND the people of Tshwane have to make sure that Munitoria House became history and Tshwane House became the future and the present. When the ANC government came up with the R2billion Tshwane House project the DAEFF rejected it as a waste of taxpayers’ money now they are reclaiming it. But the DAEFF led administration has hijacked the people’s house and open it secretly without informing the people of Tshwane. Now they are claiming credit for the building that is the brainchild of the ANC-led administration, how can you officially open something that you stood against?

THE ANC TSHWANE Caucus has congratulated the diligent and sterling work that was done by the ANC lead administration. Lesego Makhubela the ANC Tshwane Caucus Spokesperson said firstly in taking bold and decisive steps to demolish what was known as ‘’Munitoria” which was the headquarters of the apartheid administration following the deadly fires that engulfed it, to cover apartheid grand corruption, land and property theft, that lead to the west wing of the offices which was ironically the storage of title deeds, land audit and properties that were owned by the city to be burned without recognition.

“The office was by then managed by the current DAEFF administration MMC of Finance Mrs Fourie, who was at the time the city’s town treasurer a position equivalent to CFO, it is no surprise that she has returned as MMC of finance to cover her dirty tracks.
“We further wish to congratulate the ANC lead government on the delivery of a state of the art building befitting for the nation’s capital and its people. Whilst there may have been challenges during the construction phase of project, which is characteristic of any project of that magnitude,
“We are particularly pleased with the maturity demonstrated by the leadership of government at the time, in handling these challenges. What pleases us more is that consistent with the policies of the ANC on radical economic transformation, these offices which are to be the nerve centre of the capital were built by companies are owned by black industrialist that hails from the dusty townships of the city. The ANC government under the stewardship of Ramokgopa as mayor was not only building offices for the city but was also building strong companies for black industrialists,” said Makhubela.

Former Tshwane Executive Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa at the sod turning of Tshwane house which was opposed by the present administration.

He said the DA and it’s Youth wing the EFF have been left with an egg on their faces, as they have cried corruption during the construction phases of the project, claiming it won’t be completed, that the project was too big for black companies to handle and that it will take forever to build. We are not perplexed that the offices have been nicodemously or secretively opened by the DAEFF lead municipality, which has not officially informed the public, members of the media and all interested parties for fear of wallowing in their own lies.

The mayor has officially taken occupation of a very specious piece of the building as his office and EFF councillors play comfortably in their air-conditioned offices.
“We call upon the city to officially open the offices to the media and the public so that they may also take ownership of the building built for them by the industrious, diligent and capable ANC government that is known for delivery and biasness to the poor. We urge the mayor and his youth wing the EFF to desist from “telling lies and claiming easy victories,” said Makhubela.
The Tshwane mayoral spokesperson Samkelo Mgobozi played spin doctor by saying, “ I confirm that there is no secret opening. The Mayor announced this thusly”.
Mgobozi sent the City Post a Media statement which does not state the official opening Tshwane House but is about the office of the mayor and city executives moving to the new building.In the same statement, the failed to mention that Tshwane House was started by the ANC administration.

The media statement sent to City Post on Wednesday night as a proof that the opening was not a secret does not mention any official opening of Tshwane House….

Executive Mayor of Tshwane

Office of the Executive Mayor and other City Departments move to Tshwane House

05 June 2017

Release: Immediate
The Office of the Executive Mayor and other City Departments have begun the major office relocation to the newly built City of Tshwane Headquarters called Tshwane House in the city centre. The Mayor, Speaker, Chief Whip, City Manager and other departments have started moving into this new building as at 02 June 2017.
The Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, expressed pleasure at the milestone: “This move gives effect to better coordination and effectiveness of City services as all departments will now be under one roof. Equally exciting is that the new budget and IDP have been approved and our work can now begin. It sure feels like a new a chapter altogether and we are looking forward to serving our residents under these renewed conditions”.
Msimanga said he was particularly looking forward to the centrally located Council Chamber: “It is a separate structure altogether, with its own iconographic, formal architecture that makes it recognisable as an iconic landmark. Tshwane House is indeed synonymous with the identity of city, where decisions about the city will be made, and the future of the city moulded” added Msimanga.
The new headquarters is one of the first government buildings to target a 5-Star Green Star SA certification within a public-private partnership (PPP). The building – on the site of the old Munitoria Building – was designed to provide a comfortable, healthy and productive working environment for its occupants, with an overall environmental strategy encompassing transport, indoor environmental quality, energy, water and waste.

In March 1997, a wing of the old Munitoria Building was destroyed by fire and was never rebuilt. The intention with the new building was to consolidate office space for the City’s staff in a building that would provide adequate space for the City’s administrative processes and enhance the City’s service delivery capacity, in an environmentally conscious and socially cohesive structure.
The initial design incorporated a basement parking structure with a “citadel-type” building on top, accessed through a single doorway – a solution that did not engage the street or the public at all. Through an iterative process, a cost-effective design was revised by dropping the building to street level and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The result is a rational and elegant, but not opulent building, and an economical structure with a very efficient use of floor plate area and facades.
A park has been incorporated on the eastern side of the site, which can be opened for public functions. This area provides space for a possible future extension to Tshwane House, which will be linked to the first phase by an interstitial corridor.
The fundamental components of the building are a new Council Chamber, efficient office space, and an environment that provides a pleasant and healthy workplace for staff members.
Employees contact details will remain the same, however, there will be a temporary interruption to phones and emails during the relocation process. The entire relocation for all city departments is expected to end on 12 June 2017.
Media enquiries:
Samkelo Mgobozi
Spokesperson to the Executive Mayor of Tshwane
078 231 5977



















Veterans should go back to their branches…


THESE DAYS every Tom, Dick and Harry is a political commentator. Where were these mamparas when we were forced to smoke a teargas smoke and been pump with live ammunition and rubber bullets.

We have freedom of press and expression in our country but are being abused by these palookas who think that they can take a decision who can lead a certain political organisation. About 30 years ago I did not imagine that political nonentities will write in their social media profile who must lead the ANC or in some newspaper columns about who should lead the ANC. Illegal social media branches make take the decisions but the real ANC branches will take the decision who must lead the African National Congress.

I am disappointed to see opposition parties calling for the ANC leader to resign; it is time for these small parties to mind their stupid business. The DA managed to remove Helen Zille as a political leader for the colonialism Tweets but they failed to remove her as the Premier of Western Cape. All these so-called political commentators are silence on this matter but they are lot of brouhaha about President Jacob Zuma.

It is disappointing to see small parties which failed to secure 3 seats trying to use ANC MP to vote against their leader. An MP who will vote against the ANC will be betraying not only the organisation but will also spitting on Nelson Mandela’s grave.

When coming veterans of the organisation, they have a say but they should belong to branches and are members in good standing. How can a veteran who last campaign for the ANC in 1994, does not belong to any branch and his/her membership to the organisation expired 20 years ago have a say in the matters of the movement? No one is bigger than the organisation they should go back to their branches.

I have a feeling that the architect of apartheid Hendrick Verwoed is resurrecting from the grave that is why the enemy the ANC is facing the enemy within. africa@citypost.co.za






The ANC and Press Club condemned attack by BLF


A police officer protecting Peter Bruce from BLF members.


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has condemned the barbaric action by a group purported to be members of BLF who are reported to have gone to Times Media Editor, Peter Bruce’s home, with the purpose to intimidate him and his family.

ANC National spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said it is further reported that the action of the alleged BLF members was a statement against Mr Bruce’s views and ideological positions.

“This manner of handling differences is an antithesis to the tolerant society appreciative of divergent views we seek to build. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa guarantees every person in the country the right to freedom of expression, which includes the freedom of the press and other media as well as the freedom to receive and impart information or ideas.

“In the same vein, it is the view of the ANC that where the media sees any wrong doing done by government, by the ANC or any other political party let them speak out. In instances of hypocrisy, inconsistency or utter dishonesty on the part of the ANC or government or any other political party let them shout louder,” said Kodwa.

A BLF member holding a placard at Peter Bruce’s home…

He said all rights in the Constitution carry concomitant responsibilities. Consequently, the South African Press Code enjoins media practitioners to uphold the highest ethical standards, “maintain credibility and keep the trust of the public.

“Where the media fails to live up to these injunctions, independent scrutiny and co-regulation mechanisms have been created as a response. While these may be inadequate in certain instances, they remain the current platform created to ensure media accountability necessary to shape a democratic society, not intimidation and violence.

“The ANC calls on the law enforcement agencies to investigate this matter and not hesitate to act where there are justifiable grounds to do so,” he added.

The National Press Club adds its voice to those who condemn in the strongest terms the protests by members of Black First Land First outside the home of well-known journalist Peter Bruce in Pankhurst, Johannesburg.

Jos Charle, the chairperson of the National Press Club, says journalists should be allowed to report the news without any fear, intimidation or harassment.

Jos Charle, chairperson of the National Press Club

“It is unacceptable that journalists are intimated at their homes. We cannot sit back and watch our colleagues being abused.”

The BLF in a statement their general position is that we respect the freedom of expression and they defend it in terms of the media. However, there can be no freedom to distort; to lie; to manufacture news, and to mount unjustifiable campaigns. Their national spokesperson Zanele Lwana it is clear that these campaigns are being run against President Zuma because of his stance on land; Minister Mosebenzi Zwane because of the Mining Charter; and the Public Protector because of her findings that say that ABSA must pay back the money.

“The white owned media has decided to vilify – to basically damage all of us who stand against white monopoly capital. Those that constitute the white media are no longer journalists; they are hit men and women of white monopoly capital. Insofar as they are determined to continue running such campaigns, we shall vigilantly use our democratic right to protest such an injustice.

“Their right to freedom of expression does not extend to infringing upon our rights in terms of the Constitution. While the white owned media has the democratic right to freedom of expression, writing or speaking about any person or entity via the employment of lies – as is the case with Peter Bruce and the rest of the white owned media – is not a constitutional right. BLF in these circumstances will not hesitate to exercise its constitutional right to protest, as it has done on numerous occasions, including via picketing the wrongdoers.

“BLF would like to warn the white owned media that should they continue to write lies as they are doing – to disappear real stories and manufacture lies – we shall continue to protest against their wrongful and criminal actions.

“We will not be apologetic. Should Peter Bruce continue to run an anti-black people agenda, he must go back home. Anyone who stands against Radical Economic Transformation (RET) is against black people and we are not going to allow them to sustain that project. If Peter Bruce is going to stand against the transformation that we stand for – for land, for mining and for the banks etc that must come to blacks – he must leave,” said Lwana. news@citypost.co.za

The Mighty ANC takes back Mogale City

The ANC has managed to takes back Mogale City…


THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!! The African National Congress which contributed a lot to destroy the apartheid which was engineers by HF Verwoerd has managed to return the power back to the people. The ANC managed to defeat a gang of parties formed by the DA, EFF, Freedom Front and Inkatha Freedom Party which are all products of the white monopoly capital.

Just after 10 months losing Mogale City which is one of the historic cities in South Africa the mighty African National Congress which represents the majority of the people in this country retain its power in the cradle of humankind.


Councilor Patrick Lipudi of the ANC was elected Mogale City mayor on Wednesday evening, with 39 votes, beating the DA’s Michael Holenstein, with 36 votes; two ballots were spoilt. It is not surprising even if those two ballots were not spoiled the ANC was still holding the winning cards.

The former DA mayor Holenstein lost his job after a successful motion of no confidence about four weeks ago leading to Dololo Alliance councillors voluntarily underwent lie detector tests.

DA’’s Gauteng leader John Moodey said did not accept the democratic process by saying, “Unfortunately this is chequebook democracy at its highest.”

ANC regional spokesperson Mzi Khumalo said all the parties agree to participate in the vote through stamping their preference.

 “The ANC has never bought anyone and we’re not willing to buy anyone. We are prepared to take such accusations to court because they are insulting,” said Khumalo. sizwe@citypost.co.za

DA undermine Sosh residents -Sanco

Some of the people who took part in a march demanding service delivery at municipal offices…

SANCO A CIVC organisation representing about a million Soshanguve residents has been undermined by the new DA-led Tshwane administration after they failed to respond to their memorandum delivered to MMC Mike Mkhari on the 18 November last year.
Sanco’s Veli Khoza said the DA-led administration by failing to respond to the demand by a civic movement which represents all Soshanguve residents proves that the so-called Democratic Alliance is undermining all the residents of Soshanguve.
“The DA-led administration has undermined the community of Soshanguve, failed to respond to our memorandum. We have march because we did not have graves as Soshanguve.
“They did not want to open the graves until the ANC councillors so the need to open the graves. Thank you to the ANC councillors for taking care of the community of Soshanguve.

Veli Khoza talking to the community gathering at Giant Stadium …

“We are forced to pay more than a thousand rand to bury our loved ones, we don’t know if they turn into gold when they are buried at this cemetery. We demand to pay not more than R500 for graves not more than that amount.
Khoza said they have also complained about crime at Mabopane Station and the ANC councillors have raised the issue at council meetings and the issue is being resolved. He said they also demanded storm water drainage and roads but the new administration complains about the lack of budget.
“As a community, we don’t understand because the previous administration started roads and storm water drainage projects, as we speak those projects have been stopped. Why they stopped the projects because there were enough funds.
“They owe residents because they stay about 3 months without collecting garbage bins but they were charging residents. They must cancel the bills of dustbins which were not collected. We have rights to refuse those big garbage bins; they must give us jobs before they give us those garbage bins because they are expensive. As the community, we want to continue using old small dustbins until we get jobs and they must be collected twice a week.
Mike Mkhari who is the MMC for Agriculture and Environment, also DA political head in Region 1 said he has meetings with Sanco leaders at his office.
“I have met with them about the progress to address their challenges. They are welcome to call my office so that we can arrange another meeting. About dustbins, they were introduced by their administration and they did not have a problem before.
“We are addressing the issues, those who can’t afford must register as indigents and those who can afford should pay,” said Mkhari.africa@citypost.co.za

Only the speaker can decide

PEOPLE’S LEADER…South African democratically elected President Jacob Zuma.

THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has welcomed a democratic Constitutional Court’s refusal to be abused by opposition parties with no popular mandate wanting to co-govern with the democratically elected government of the people.
A small party called United Democratic Movement (UDM) led by Bantu Holomisa a former Bantustan dictator who was expelled from the ANC and others brought before the court a frivolous and vexatious application which sought to call on the Constitutional Court to disregard the Doctrine of Separation of Powers and direct the National Assembly Speaker how to direct the business of Parliament.
ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said as the final arbiters in any contested manner, the Court has clarified that the Speaker may decide on a secret ballot.
“The clarification is welcome. The Court, however, will not decide for the Speaker, the Head of the arm of State, as to how she exercises her discretion despite the mischievous and adventurous exercise of the UDM to force this point. We are confident that the Speaker will apply her mind to the decision before she and we will respect the decision taken in this regard.
“The African National Congress has full confidence in our Members of Parliament and do not doubt their revolutionary discipline and commitment to the decisions and directives of the organisation. Members of the ANC will not be dictated to by the unprincipled, undemocratic oppositionist coalition which when given an opportunity to remove the racist Helen Zille from office as Premier in the Western Cape failed to do so and subjected their own who voted with their conscience to humiliating lie detector tests in Mogale City,” said Kodwa.
He concluded by saying regardless of whether a secret ballot is granted or not in this matter, this motion of no confidence – like countless others before it – is nothing but an exercise in political posturing and is condemned to failure.

CROCODILE SMILE…Opposition leaders from left Bantu Holomisa of UDM, Mosiuoa Lekota of Cope, Mmusi Maimane of DA and Julius Malema of EFF are plotting to remove the democratically elected President of South Africa.

The DA which is part of the soft counter-revolutionaries who want to remove the democratically elected government by the people of South Africa said now that the Constitutional Court has ruled on the matter of the secret ballot, the Motion of No Confidence in the President.
The leader of the opposition who is Mmusi Maimane said the DA has yesterday written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to request the DA-sponsored Motion of No Confidence be scheduled at the earliest available opportunity.

“Regardless of the ruling by the Constitutional Court, the Democratic Alliance’s vote in the upcoming Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma will be no secret.
“The DA will vote to fire Jacob Zuma – and we call on every other Member of Parliament, from all political parties, to do the same,” said Maimane. sizwe@citypost.co.za

ANC donated more than 2 500 blankets

The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.


THE ANC is still the champion of the people that is why it has won all the wards in Tshwane Townships with majority votes.

The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.

The ANC in Ward 90 and the ANC Youth League in Ward 29 have donated 450 blankets to Soshanguve, Mabopane and Winterveldt pensioners as part of the Youth Day Commemoration. It did not end there 106 school jerseys and shoes were donated to primary school kids from Pele Primary School, Lesedi Primary School and Thorntree Primary schools and 20 child-headed families in Mabopane and Winterveldt received food parcels.

Two events were held at extension 6 Soccer Ground in Soshanguve and Central City Shopping Centre in Mabopane. More than a thousand people attended both events including ANC councillors in those areas.

The first event was organised by Ward 90 councillor Enos Chiloane who donated 340 blankets to pensioners in his ward which is Extension VV, XX, Plasticview, Extension 5,6 and 7 in Soshanguve South. He did all this with the help of Valumax Developers which are the sponsored of his programme of fighting poverty in his ward. Other blankets were donated in Hammanskraal, Atteridgeville, Ga-Rankuwa, Mamelodi, Refilwe, Ekangala and Olivenhoutbotch.

The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.
106 school jerseys and shoes were donated to primary school kids
106 school jerseys and shoes were donated to primary school kids
The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.
The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.
The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.
The ANC and the ANC Youth League donated more than a 2 500 blankets to pensioners around Tshwane as part of Youth Day commemoration.

Speaking to City Post, Chiloane said as an ANC cadre his so the need to make sure that people who were there in 1976 are honoured at the event.

“I so the need to honour these elders we see here. They contributed a lot to bring the oppressive apartheid regime down. As a community leader, my dream is to see everyone with a smile both young and old. That is why approached Ferdinand Kerkhoff the director of Valumax Property to invest in our poverty alleviation programme.

“They donated 340 blankets, 106 school jerseys and 5 pairs of school shoes to our programme to help those who need help in our ward. We are happy to have companies that care about people.

“Since 2013 in June and December I fundraise or search deep into my pocket to give pensioners blankets, food parcels and school kids uniform because I grew up knowing that it is important to take care of each other as humans that is called Ubuntu or humanity,” said Chiloane.

At the second event which was organised by the ANC Youth League at Ward 29 at Central City Mabopane, 100 blankets were donated to pensioners and 20 food parcels were donated to child-headed families in Mabopane and Winterveldt. The donations were donated by Public Investment Corporation after they were approached by the ANC Youth League.

Thabo Mathibedi of the ANC Youth League said June 16 belong to the grannies because they were there when apartheid government killed innocent youth and some were part of the youth who stood against the National Party regime.

“Our grannies were throwing stones in 1976, some of us were not there that is why this is their day. We have more than 3000 pensioners in the ward but we identify few to receive blankets and we will identify other in future.

“We also identify child headed families to receive food parcels. As the ANC we are an organisation of the people that is why were there to alleviate poverty in our area,” said Mathibedi.

Speakers at both events were ANC Ward 90 chairperson Charles Mokobodi, ANC Ward councillor Enos Chiloane, Thabo Mathibedi of the ANC Youth League, Lesego Makhubela the ANC Tshwane Regional chairperson, Councillor Terence Mashigo and others.africa@citypost.co.za






We will miss Gunman

Actor Christopher Kubheka has died.


 ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED actors and musician from Soshanguve has died after committing suicide. Christopher Kubheka who started to become famous with the role of Gunman in controversial television Yizo Yizo in the late 90’s has died after committing suicide at his Soshanguve home.

According to a source, who declined to be named, the body of Gunman was discovered by his wife when she returns from work at around 4 pm.

“It was very traumatising to hear about his death because he was loved by everybody in kasi and he was full of jokes. I can’t believe he is gone.

Musician Terrence Masingi aka Tedimoza who has featured Gunman in one4 of his songs posted on Facebook. “Rip my nigger gunman ill remember you with the song I featured you in
Peace unto you”

Police spokesperson Captain Rheineth Motlana confirmed Kubheka’s death. “The body was found in the afternoon. We have opened an inquest docket has been opened,” said Motlana.

He play a role of scar in ETV drama Gold Diggers, AboMzala, The Long Run, Crazy Safari and many others.africa@citypost.co.za





Namibian Revolutionary Toivo ya Toivo is no more

Namibian Revolutionary Toivo ya Toivo is no more

STRUGGLE icon and former Robben Island prisoner, Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, has died.


STRUGGLE icon and former Robben Island prisoner, Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, has died yesterday at the age of 93 according to The Namibian a Namibian national newspaper.

Ya Toivo played a crucial role as a founder member of Swapo in the 1950s, in fact, the main force behind the creation of OPO, the fore-runner of Swapo about 70 years ago.

For his strong beliefs and convictions, he endured arrest, imprisonment, detention and harassment at the hands of the colonial authorities.

Along with the late South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, Ya Toivo was incarcerated in the notorious Robben Island Prison by the South West African regime which controls by the apartheid South Africa regime, where he was imprisoned for a period of 16 years, enduring long periods of solitary confinement and other forms of harsh treatment.

That was after he and 36 other Namibians were arrested on 9 September 1966 by members of the South African security forces in the north. They were charged under the Terrorism Act and on 9 February 1968 he was found guilty of contravening the Act and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

After his conviction, he made a statement to the court and said: “I know that the struggle will be long and bitter. I also know that my people will wage that struggle, whatever the cost. Only when we are granted our independence will the struggle stop”.

Throughout his years at Robben Island Ya Toivo refused to recognise South Africa’s jurisdiction over Namibia and was the real troublemaker for the prison authorities.

For instance, on 18 April 1970 Ya Toivo demanded that all Namibians be transferred back to their country and called for a drastic improvement of the medical services on Robben Island.He personified courage and steadfast commitment to the struggle. “Quite militant”.This is how Nelson Mandela once described Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, with whom he spent around ten years in the same section on Robben Island.

Two years after he was released, Madiba recalled Toivo in a conversation with Richard Stengel, who collaborated with him on his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. “He was quite militant,” Madiba said. “He wanted very little to do with whites, with the warders.”

After Independence, he served in various ministerial positions until his retirement in 2006 and was also involved with, among others the Red Cross and the fight for the release of the Cuban Five. His last public appearance was this week at the Cuba-African conference. sizwe@citypost.co.za 

It is time for the youth to defend our revolution

It is time for the youth to defend our revolution
THE YOUTH OF 70’s and 80’s has played a big role to bring the apartheid government to its knees. I cannot talk about Black Power but I can talk about 80’s and early 90’s because I contributed as a Cosas and UDF activist to bring Lucas Mangope who was President, Tautona and Minister of Everything in the former Bophuthatswana down and his bosses FW De Klerk and company.
I feel happy to see Dololo Alliance starting to show visible cracks because the DA which was PFP under Zach de Beer and Van Zyl Slabbert when we were still growing up and later change to DP is a white party which was not accepting blacks during the apartheid era.
The reason the DA is accepting black people is to use them as tokens to grab power. Mmusi Maimane is just window dressing he is not the DA leader and will never lead a white party. That is why we see the division in the white party that use black for window dressing to get the black votes.
During our time as the youth, we make this country ungovernable because we will not allow a white man to oppress a black man in his own land. I am disappointed by the youth of today they have lost touch with reality that people have sacrificed their life’s for this revolution and we have to defend it by all means.
In my time as a youth, I don’t remember being address by a puppet leader like Lucas Mangope or puppet masters like PW Botha but we were addressed by leaders like Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa, Rev Frank Chikane, Winnie Mandela, Molefe Makinta, Killer Mahlangu, Francis Baard and others.
What happens to today’s youth. For allowing soft counter-revolutionaries to address them, if they keep being used as voting tokens we will never get our land back and we will never get economic freedom.
It is time for the youth of today to know that only the ANC can make it possible for us to get economic freedom and our land back which was stolen by the whites.
Joining parties like the DA will make things worse, and this might bring back apartheid back to our life’s. The youth should ignore the so-called #ZumaMustFall because they are funded by the white monopoly capital to remove the ANC from power. It has happened in Libya where houses, education and health were free.After the Western Imperialist invaded that country now only rumbles are left and the enemy is stealing the oil from Libya.
As the youth of 76 and 86 we have done our part it is time for the present youth to defend this hard earned revolution by all means….

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