Never dig a grave for someone

NEVER DIG a grave for someone because you might end up in the same grave. Some called it karma and in Sesotho bare ho bohloko ha molamu o kgutlela sefateng.

Those who called for former President Jacob Zuma to step down are not feeling the heat. It started with Nhlanhla Nene the former Finance Minister, now uBhuti ka Brian has been exposed too.

Some will start to see that there was a smear campaign against former President Jacob Zuma as I have stated previously. More inve4stigations need to be done, digging deeper we can find more skeletons into the VBS bank scandal.

*I would like to congratulate Comrade Tito Mboweni for being appointed into Ministry of Finance. The state president has appointed a good candidate with experience but in future, we have to consider the youth.

Youth are not taken seriously and the youth are doing more groundwork and they are always on the ground.

It is time for South Africa to do always with cabinet ministers who are over the age of 70 years because they are old and they must be given a chance to rest.

I don’t have a problem for 70 years old being a member of parliament but being appointed as a cabinet minister or premier I see a problem.

We have experience youth who can contribute political ideas that can help to grow our economy. We must not forget that the youth was in the forefront of the struggle against apartheid and we can give the present generation to proof that youth can make things happen. Amandla!!! 


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