Who exactly is Pik Botha?



*“Mr Botha would be remembered for his support for South Africa’s transition to democracy and for his service in the first democratic administration.”-Ntate President Matamela Ramaphosa.

“As the ANC, although Botha was a former minister of the Nationalist Party administration, we acknowledge and are appreciative of his positive contribution towards building a new and better South Africa.”-Ntate Pule Mabe.

“Perhaps his most important contribution was the manner in which he and his colleagues in the department of foreign affairs held the line against growing international pressure until the collapse of international communism in 1989 opened the way to the negotiations that led to the establishment of our non-racial constitutional democracy,” De Klerk.

Roelof Frederik Botha or ‘Pik’ as he was known within the apartheid inner-circle, was one of the most senior leaders of the National Party’s illegitimate-white-racist-criminal-violent-anti-Black settler-colonial regime.

He loyally served the settler-colonial regime for over 40 years of his life. Between 1953 and 1994, he served the settler-colonial regime as legal adviser, ambassador, foreign minister and member of parliament.

He also contested for the leadership of the National Party in 1978. Between 1966 and 1994 he served under three illegitimate-white supremacist heads of the settler-colonial regime, B.J Vorster (1966-78), P.W Botha (1984-89) and F. W. de Klerk (1989-94).

During this period, he was part of the apartheid securocracy that decided on and defended the deaths of thousands of Black people, within apartheid South Africa and neighbouring states, especially South West Africa(later Nambia). This, as you know, was an occupied territory of apartheid South Africa.

In his role as foreign minister, he was a fierce and effective defender of the system of apartheid. Essentially apartheid’s most effective brand manager. Some of the decisions that Pik was part of include the following:

*The assassination of BC leader Onkgopotse Ramothibi Tiro in 1974;

*The massacre of Black students in Soweto in 1976, killing 176 Blacks;

*The assassination of BC leader Mapetla Mohapi in 1976;

*The assassination of BC leader Bantu Biko in 1977;

*The assassination of SWAPO leader, Clemens Kapuuo in 1978;

*The assassination of MK cadre, Solomon Mahlangu in 1979;

*The assassination of ANC leader, Mlungisi Mxenge in 1981;

*The assassination of ANC activist, Vernon Nkadimeng in 1985;

*The assassination of Thamsanqa Mnyele in 1985;

*The Uitenhage (Langa) massacre, where 35 Black people were killed in 1985;

*The Boipatong massacre, where 45 Black people were killed in 1992; and

*The murders of Sadat and Samora Mpendulo (16 years old), Mzwandile Mfeya (12 years old), Sandiso Yose (12 years old) and Thando Mthembu (17), in a SADF cross-border raid in 1993.

They were sleeping when the South African National Defence Force (authorised by the Nobel Peace Laureate De Klerk), pounced on them and without warning, sprayed them with bullets.

Because of his shrewdness (coming from brokering deals on the Afrikan continent, including Zimbabwe’s problematic Lancaster House agreement)-Pik was also part of the delegation of the apartheid inner-circle that co-authored the 90’s CODESA elite pact and all that came with it such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

For his successful role in prolonging the life of white capital at CODESA, he was rewarded with a ministerial post in the Mandela administration. After leaving the Mandela administration, he publicly endorsed President Mbeki and reportedly joined the ANC in the 2000s.

All these stunts were a mark of Pik’s shrewdness. Inspite of all that Pik has done in defence of the brutal-violent-anti-Black system of apartheid, he (like De Klerk) continues to get respectable treatment from the ANC.

This is evident in the number of invitations De Klerk got from ANC state presidents to be a guest at the State of The Nation Address. And the glowing tributes that Pik is now receiving from the ANC.

Pik like P.W Botha, F.W De Klerk and all the other key decision-makers in the apartheid machinery, have never been held accountable (in the true sense) for the atrocities they committed against Black people.

And it doesn’t seem like any of them will ever be held accountable. Instead, it is possible that not only is Pik likely to receive a eulogy from President Ramaphosa, but he is also likely to receive an official funeral. Burn in hell Pik!

MEANWHILE, Harrison Zama wrote that some out of ignorance will criticize Holomisa when he says that Pik Botha was a good minister in a bad government. Holomisa is right. We know Pik Botha. We were old enough in the 80’s. We grew up in the apartheid era. In the mid 80’s, 1986 to be more specific, Pik publicly said that one day SA is gonna have a black president. Prime Minister PW Botha scolded him and nearly fired him for that. Besides that, Pik was different for sure. His apartheid was very dilute. And he was easier to approach than other apartheid animals. He was a listener. But he could do nothing on his own to change the situation. Maybe the reason why he was so good is, that as a Foreign Affairs Minister of that time, he is the one who faced anger and grilling by international countries which hated apartheid. So, Holomisa is right. I second him. Those who do not know Pik must rather shut up. Yeah. And you will hear newborn saying that I am supporting apartheid. And I would call those cheap politics due to an ignoramus. news@citypost.co.za

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