Comrade Gilbert fought the people…

*WINTERFELDT IS keeping on losing its` icons in the struggle against apartheid…a few years ago we lost Ntate Sunnyboy Motshepi, Kehla Nyamakazi, Sugar Monyane, Moses Ndamane to name few on the list. Now Gilbert Mahlangu one of the pioneers about students’ rights in 1976, community rights from the ’80s until his death after a long illness. He fought for the people of Winterveldt and he never compromises when coming to making sure that this country is liberated.

Mahlangu played his role in Winterveldt, that is why a history of this township will not be complete if his name is not mentioned. When Bop regime tried to evict all Winterveldt tenants in early 90’s Comrade Gilbert was there and he stopped the mass eviction.

When more than 11 people were brutally killed, Comrade Gilbert was there and he survived the massacre to the story to the present generation. Comrade Gilbert was there in every minute when residents need him and he did not compromise when coming to defending the human rights and fighting for a better life for all.

He will be missed for his contribution to the liberation of the people of South Africa…Hamba Kahle, Mkhonto weSizwe…For comment email

Ke nako, vote ANC…

City Post reporter SIZWE ZWANE writes from Durban 

THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress President Cyril Ramaphosa told more than 100 000 people who attended annual January 8th Statement in Durban which was also the launch party’s elections manifesto that the ANC with deal with corruption and state capture.

The ANC president also honoured cadres who contributed to the liberation of South Africa with Isithwalandwe.

“During the course of our struggle for freedom, the African National Congress has bestowed its highest order, Isithwalandwe/Seaparankoe, on cadres who have made an outstanding contribution to the liberation struggle,” said Ramaphosa.

Those who were honoured with Isithwalandwe are Mama Winnie, Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu, Almond Tomor, Dennis Goldberg, John Nkadimeng, Sophie De Bruin and others. 

He continues to by declaring 2019 as the year of United Action….”We will implement reforms in economic sectors that have the greatest potential to grow and create jobs.”  

“Today, we are issuing a call to all the people of South Africa, to join us as we strive to accelerate change in our country, as we strive to build an inclusive economy that creates decent jobs and as we work towards a better future for our children,” added Ramaphosa.

He concluded by saying, “Ke nako, Vote ANC”. For comment email







STATISTICS INDICATE THAT South Africa is young and female.  According to Statistics South Africa’s (Stats SA) mid-year population estimate report as at July 23, 2018, there were 57.7 million people in South Africa and more than half of the population (51%) being female. The report also stated that women live, on average, six years longer than men, with a life expectancy of 67.3 years compared to 61.1 years for males. Young people between the ages of 15 to 34 years old were 20.6 million.

The post-apartheid South Africa is facing challenges of legacies of inequalities, unemployment, and poverty which most of its victims are women and youth. Around the end of 2018, the national unemployment rate was at around 27.2%.  There are different statistics on youth unemployment in South Africa. The statistics revealed in Pocket World put the country’s youth unemployment rate at 57.4% whilst the according to Stats SA’s Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the second quarter of 2018, youth unemployment was 38.8% compared to the 17.9% rate for adults.

Despite the difference in statistics of youth unemployment, the fact remains that youth unemployment has a negative impact on the economic growth of the country. There are also other risks associated with youth unemployment which includes, but not limited to: a risk of loss of talent and skills as the young graduates are unable to find a job and put their knowledge and capabilities into contributing to economic growth; increase in social spending of the country; low income tax collection by the government etc. Youth unemployment can destabilize the safety and security of a country.

Women and girls also face social and economic marginalization in South Africa. This is caused by an entrenched system of patriarchal domination and also perpetuated by some cultural and religious beliefs. Women and girls suffer multiple forms of violence perpetrated by men in South Africa. Stats SA reported that femicide is on the rise in South Africa. According to Stats SA, the murder rate for women increased drastically by 117% between 2015 and 2016/17 and the number of women who experienced sexual offences also jumped from 31 665 in 2015/16 to 70 813 in 2016/17, which is an increase of 53%.

In South Africa, workplaces as a microcosm of societies are not immune from patriarchal domination. The employment equity report 2017/2018 indicates that across males occupy 77.1% of the top management positions and females only 22.9%. In senior management, males occupy 66.2% of the positions and females only 33.8%. Notwithstanding the achievements of the post-apartheid South African government, the statistics show that more still needs to be done to address the legacies of apartheid, colonialism, and patriarchy. The country cannot move forward whilst the majority which is women and young people are marginalized.

The right to vote is one of the fundamental rights in South Africa. Elections are platforms for the citizens to exercise their right to choose those who must represent them in National assembly/Provincial legislatures/Municipal councils. Around May 2019, South African registered voters will descend to over 22 000 independent electoral commission voting stations throughout the country to participate in the National and Provincial elections. It is a norm that before the elections, political parties will develop and launch their election manifestos and crisscross the country to lure voters. Political parties will present their manifestos to voters and plead for their votes.

Whilst it is the sole prerogative of political parties to decide on what to put in their manifestos, I think it is vital for political parties to strongly consider having gender and youth biased manifestos with practical an implementable plans to eradicate challenges faced by women and youth of our country. Challenges facing women and youth in South Africa cannot be overemphasized.

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*THERE IS no escaping fact that North West will not meet the deadline meant for list configuration at their expected branch confederation. To take this far, is it the fault of Provincial Task Team?

Well, one is not convinced; without another presumption, it is quite clear that in efforts to move forward, we still have few comrades who continue to ferment political chaos for obvious reasons because they believe that they are above ANC and nothing should happen without attaching their names to the peak of the process. If not so the process should be worse than useless since this should be seen as a problem that exposes PTT as lacking capacity to manage the politics of this province.

This phenomenon takes precedence from domestic interventions to affected VBS involved municipalities, not forgetting long stand marathon of court confrontations to yield the legitimacy of the PTT. However what has been a strength to all this known factional warring, strands of ANC membership by association and convictions they bolster to have connections of senior leadership across various upper structures. There will be sustained election anxiety even when North West continues to register large numbers compared to some few other provinces which benefit from this stirred chaos.

At which point are we going to define our character, positively to benefit this province? How do we get the comfort of being micromanaged by cadres from other provinces to point that even deployment doesn’t benefit NW inhabitants but those who stay in the cross borders on NW jurisdictions? At some point leaders should reignite towards one agenda of growing this province that to continue pointing fingers amongst ourselves.

Young comrades and ANCYL should not believe that they will be liberated through factional participation, with current demands of forth industrial revolution there’s much needed to be done outside parameters of dominating factions. If we are to place barometer and gauge crop of leadership surely we can boldly agree that it is a membership that fails the movement. We lack political depth, many NEC deployed make their leadership internship in this province and even empowered with resources that could be shared amongst ourselves but because we have blurred vision we fail to realize this systematic agenda.

Hey Comrades and so said leaders wake up and work in union to put the interest of this province before anything else. If not you will prefer to emerge through an ill process like what is currently happening. Surely this is a blow for our province but victorious for individuals since there will be leadership arrangements and many will be forced to dance to King Monada summer song even when they don’t like the song. I submit!

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Nothing but truth…


*WE ARE starting a new year and City Post has been defending the hard-earned revolution for the past 3 years and we will continue to tell the truth. Delivering news that helps to reveal nothing but the truth as our motto stated, “Telling the truth”.

This year more things will be happening in this country, we will be voting for both provincial and national governments to make sure that our country remains in good hands. We expect the intervention from the Gauteng Provincial Government in the City of Tshwane because that city is a Mickey Mouse set up. Nothing is happening especially in the townships except looting of state coffers.

The is only one organization that can make sure that our hard earned revolution is defended, by all means, the African National Congress.

 Last year the ANC won the majority of the ward by-elections around the country including in so-called democrats or DA strongholds in the Western Cape. Even Mbuzi Maimane the DA national poster boy knows that his masters’ party doesn’t stand a chance against the African National Congress.

Voting for other parties especially the DA is like pulling us back to apartheid-era years where a black man was regarded as subhuman. Voting for other parties it is like creating spoil ballot papers because they don’t stand a chance to win elections.

The City Post is endorsing the African National Congress because it is the only former liberation movement and political party that is capable of running this country and we recognize other liberation movements such as the PAC and Azapo for their contribution in our liberation.

Let’s make sure the ANC remains in power because it is delivered more than any government. National Party with the help of PFP (later DP now DA) has been in power for more than four decades but they have failed to deliver services to black people.

People of Langa, Gugulethu and other black townships in Western Cape are still living in shacks because the DA doesn’t care about a black man. The city of Tshwane is now the City of Kaka because of sewage that flows like Nile River since the DA took over.

Five kids were killed by a high mast like in Soshanguve because the DA-led administration failed to maintain them.

Other five kids were burnt inside a shack in Mamelodi because the DA-led administration in the City of Tshwane failed to provide RDP houses to the residents. We still have dusty and muddy roads because of the DA administration which is not capable of running the city.

In Gauteng, Ekurhuleni is the best performing Metropolitan municipality under the ANC administration and the City of Tshwane under the DA administration is the worst performing metropolitan city in the country.

Let’s make South Africa a better place for all by voting ANC.ANC is the only party that has managed to deliver its promises and it will keep on making this country the better place for all. Vote ANC for a better life for all. For any comment email



ANC retain Ward19


The new ANC ward 19 councilor Mfanafuthi Hlatswayo casting his vote.


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has retained Tshwane Ward 19 by-elections with 64 percent three small parties that tried their luck in their stronghold. The by-elections in Winterveldt were contested by four political parties which are the African National Congress with 64 percent voting followed by EFF with 22%16 %, DA 8 %, and AEC  5 %.

 The ANC has done a lot of work in Ward 19 since 1994; before the ANC took over people in that area were having no water, electricity, tar roads, parks, RDP houses, and other services. The ANC has provided more than 10 000 RDP houses, more than 50 000 houses were electrified, more schools were built; more roads were tarred to count just a few in services that have been provided by the ANC. In last local government elections, the ANC won the won ward with about 15 000 voters with by 89 percent.

 The ANC’s Mfanafuthi Hlatswayo well known as Nkakha is the new councilor of Ward 19 in Winterveldt.

In an interview with City Post, Mfanafuthi Hlatswayo said the people have made their say by voting for him and he is prepared to work hard to make sure people in his ward get services.

“My job will be starting with the sewage to make sure we don’t have blocked sewage in our area that is my first challenge. We have also a problem of streets light and high mast light that are not functioning this are just a few on my list.

“I will also make sure that job opportunities are created for local people. I will be working with the community in my ward to make sure they get proper services and I would like to thank them for making sure the ANC retain the ward,” said Hlatshwayo.

Sunnyboy Masemola the ANC Deputy Regional Secretary in Tshwane said the people of Winterveldt have trust on the ANC and that is why they will retain the ward because of service that has been provided to the residents since 1994.

“Voters have confidence in the ANC because they see what we have done in terms of providing services to the people and we will keep working hard to make sure there are more services to the people.

“The ANC is that only party that fulfills its election promises to the masses. We have few incidents of intimidation but that did not stop the ANC winning this by-election,” said



ANC to retain ward 37


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has done it again by retaining Tshwane Ward 37 in Soshanguve with more than 60 percent during by-elections held on Wednesday. The people of Ward 37 have spoken, Saki Ntohla is the new councilor for Tshwane Ward 37.

 The ANC got 62 percent while Mickey Mouse parties that emerge during elections got less than half of the percentage. The EFF got 26 percent while the DA received 11 percent and the ACDP got less than 1 percent.

The development which has been done by the ANC’s previous administration has done a lot a talk to the residents. Check City Post for an interview with councilor Saki Ntohla before the end of the day.

Corrupt DA being exposed daily



WHEN I KEEP seeing skeletons keep coming out of the DA closet. I keep asking myself why is Julius Malema is so silence about this. To be honest I am not surprised by this scandals because the DA is the same PFP under Helen Suzman ,and the same DP under Zach De Beer which was silent when a black man was being oppressed by the National Party regime. 

This is the same political party which was enjoying the benefits of apartheid while apartheid government was oppressing us. During that time their membership was open to white people only and maybe Mbuzi Maimane aka Mmusi and Mr I don’t know aka Solly Msimanga are not aware of this because THEY WERE NOT EVEN BORN if they were not in kindergarten. 

It is not a secret that when a racist white man wants a dirty job to be done he gets a black man. That is why we have Mmusi Maimane, Solly Msimanga, Herman Mashaba and other blacks that need to be helped to see the light before is too late.

I sleep with a smile seeing corrupt DA being exposed daily because it is traumatic being under the rule of racist white party window dressing with a black face. I smell a rat here!!!! Why is Julius so silence maybe he was given a multi billion tender.We will wait and see because everything is now coming out. 

I was also not surprised to hear Solly Msimanga on 702 refusing to answer Kgoshi Maepa’s questions about corruption in the City of Tshwane. He refused to answer the questions. He also refused live debate on radio but the radio presenter fail to asked him why he is refusing the answer the questions and do debate a live debate on radio because 702 is pro DA and White monopoly Capital. If the mayor failed to answer questions directed to him as the City mayor. I asked myself who is the mayor of Tshwane? Maybe they have asked the wrong person, those questions!!! 

We cannot have corruption, nepotism and maladministration being revealed everyday and the mayor failing to act. The Gauteng Provincial Government need to practice their power by placing this City of Tshwane under administration while they investigate all this mess cause by the DAEFF. We cannot be under an administration which is causing a mess instead of bringing services to the people. We need more DAEFF skeletons out of the closet. Why the mayor is so silent about this? Why Mbuzi Maimane is also silent? AND Juju is silent as a white ghost!!!Ga le ba bona ba didimetse le tsebe gore mokgwa gona.

ANC exposed racist DA on BBBEE


*AS THERE So-called Democratic Alliance’s ideological confusion on the broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) policy continues to play itself out in the public domain, the African National Congress has reiterated its consistent and unambiguous position on this transformation policy instrument.

According to Pule Mabe, the ANC national spokesperson the ANC which is the oldest liberation movement in the country is neither shocked nor surprised by the DA’s flip-flopping on BBBEE.

“We have long exposed the DA as a party committed to defending white privilege and preserving the status quo. The DA’s opposition and active resistance to BBBEE are understandable. Beneficiaries of economic apartheid cannot be expected to support policy measures that broaden access to economic opportunities to the majority of South Africans, and in the process shake the very foundation of white economic privilege.

“For the DA to claim that they are ditching black economic empowerment (BEE) because it is “just not working”, is extremely disingenuous. It is an excuse for their own deep-seated resistance to economic transformation. Yes, there are serious challenges with regard to some aspects of the implementation of the programme. Indeed, the benefits of BBBEE are still to reach the vast majority of our people. However, these and other challenges cannot be raised as excuses to throw the baby with the bathwater,” said Mabe.

Mabe said they are also concerned that some of the benefits and opportunities brought by Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment have not gone to their intended beneficiaries as a result of the scourge of fronting.

“We are encouraged by the visible efforts of our cadres in public sector institutions to address this phenomenon. Fronting defeats and undermines all our efforts at deracialising our economy and undoing the economic inequalities of our ugly past.

“The ANC’s vision for the South African economy is guided by the Freedom Charter’s clarion call that the people shall share in the country’s wealth. In its 54th National Conference, the ANC noted that despite the economic advances of the past 23 years of freedom and democracy, the legacy of colonialism and apartheid is still deeply entrenched in our society and in the structure of the South African economy.

“The ANC-led government inherited an economy that excluded the majority of South Africans. It was carefully designed to serve the interests of the minority to the deliberate exclusion of the majority. Thus the economy we inherited was unable to respond to the developmental challenges of the new democratic order. Broad-based black economic empowerment is a critical policy instrument aimed at redressing past economic injustices and inequalities we inherited,” added Mabe.

He said BBBEE is part of the struggle to transform our economy to enable it to serve the needs and aspirations of all South Africans. We are pursuing this path because we are aware that the democratic breakthrough would be meaningless if it is not accompanied by a vibrant and growing economy that can benefit all our people.

“It must worry all of us, including the Democratic Alliance, that twenty years since our freedom, the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality still bear a largely blackface. The race will continue to be a key factor in all our transformation efforts. Building a truly non-racial and equal society will require deliberate and systematic efforts. The legacy of many centuries of economic deprivation we seek to eradicate is so entrenched that it requires sustained action to deliver effective and thoroughgoing economic transformation.

“We remain relentless and unwavering in our pursuit of economic transformation because we believe that broadening participation in the economic mainstream is imperative if we are to succeed in building a dynamic and growing economy. We will never waiver in our commitment to transform the ownership patterns of our economy. Among other things, black people must own productive assets of the country and also participate in the decision-making process. This is what we mean by radical economic transformation.

“We have a collective responsibility, across all political parties, to support measures that promote access to economic opportunities for all our people in order to give practical meaning to the pledge we made during our struggle for liberation that we will never consider our mission complete and our liberation achieved, if the people of our country remain, victims of economic exclusion,” concluded Mabe.

The ANC said we must remind the DA and other opponents of BBBEE that the de-racialization of our economy not only makes good business sense but is also a critical prerequisite for political and economic stability in our country.


ANCYL defend their mother body against SACP



*THE ANCYL in Gauteng notes with great concern the unending ranting of the party in the province and their statements are riddled with no left politics let alone analysis.

Matome Chilkoane of the ANC Youth League in Gauteng said mere unscientific loud noise which can be summarised as desperate calls to retain blue lights and it is evident that the once political guide for the alliance is no more. 

“What remains is a social party of individuals and not the party we once grew to appreciate. The party and not Party under Mr. Mamabolo is reduced to nothing but a ladder for upward mobility into the State. Their proposal for an Alliance Integrity Commission where all deployments must be made and integrity dealt with is pure creativity geared at ensuring Mr. Mamabolo retains his blue lights. 

“Evidently, he is not happy with the outcomes of the recent ANC conference and seeks to create this mockup structure to influence his return as MEC. As he fears the individuals now elected into the PEC, whom he insulted will not propose his name through ANC processes. His game plan is quite evident and we call on the ANC in the province to ignore the delusions of the fellow,” said Chiloane. 

He said no alliance Integrity Commission exists at national and certainly can’t at any provincial level and the ANC is a unitary body and the province must never give in to his whims and be throwing of toys. 

“ Our focus remains service delivery and closing the social distance between the organisation and society and important to ensure the decisive victory of the ANC come 2019 elections. The upcoming ANC list processes will dictate what will happen come next year regarding names of individuals and Mr. Mamabolo must exercise some patience and stop his paranoia and delusions. 

“We call on the party to focus on Marxism and the realisation of socialism and stop attempting to create structures for personal gain. Conditions for the poor and working class to scrape through a living are at an all-time depressing low, but the party is more concerned with the assimilation of its elite into the lifestyle of blue lights, and creations of non existing bogus terms such as “makariki monopoly”. Is this what has come of the Party? A hollow social party void of dialectics” added Chiloane. 

He said the province must never be frog-marched into any premature resolution of an Alliance Integrity Commission because of Mamabolo’s itching quench for blue lights and advise Mamabolo to revise his CV and prepare himself for any outcome. 

“No person has a birthright to deployment and he ought to stop behaving like he does. The recently elected ANC PEC must consume itself with community work, and get back on the ground. 

“No weekend should pass without PEC members visiting the length and breadth of the province, interacting with our people and resolving their issues.

“The ANCYL of the ANC remains vigilant and will protect its mother body from undue attacks by self-serving individuals; concerned with nothing more but their subjective interests. Sinigadile,” he