ANC to win Ward 9 about 4 hours


The ANC incoming ward councilor Barbara Baloyi casting vote at Old Assemblies of God of Africa.


*DESPITE ALLEGE INTIMIDATIONS by EFF hooligans the ANC is expecting to win the ward by 60 to 70 percent. The ANC is contesting against 7 small opportunistic parties that pop up during election time. The by-elections did not start well in Ward 9 Winterveldt. The Refalotse and Old Assemblies of God of Africa voting stations open late. In another incident, people wearing ANC regalia were intimidated by EFF members at the Refalotse voting station and some people wearing ANC regalia were assaulted and told not to set foot at Maluleke Stand in Winterveldt.

Voters waiting to cast their votes at City Rock voting station

The ANC incoming ward councillor Barbara Baloyi voted at Old Assemblies of God of Africa voting station accompanied by ANC Tshwane Regional Secretary Eugene Bonzo Modise.

“We won this ward by 96.8 percent which is nearly 97 percent and despite some challenges that we came across as the African National Congress we will keep this ward. We expect between 60 to 70 percent win.

“We have challenges which are voting stations opening late and in one voting station presiding officer disappearing for about 4 hours. People wearing ANC regalia were assaulted and one sjamboked by EFF members. We will be opening a case of intimidation against those involved,” said Modise. The election results are expected in less than 4 hours today at around 9 pm.

Captain Samuel Sebola of Loate Police Station said no case of intimidation was reported to them.

“No case of intimidation has been reported up to so far if it has happened, it has happened outside the voting stations,” said Sebola.

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