ANC ready to win Tshwane Ward 9 again


*THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress is working hard around the clock to trump down small opportunistic parties that are only visible during election time.

The by-elections come after the previous councillor Emmanuel Moselane’s membership was terminated by the ANC.

The Tshwane Ward 9 by-elections are highly contested by the ANC which remain the biggest party in the ward against small parties that stand no chance to take the ward from the ruling party.

The candidates that are contesting are season local politician Barbara Baloyi of the ANC (African National Congress) , Mamane Khoza of the EFF( Economic Freedom Fighters), Cornelius Maponya of the F4SD (Forum for Service Delivery), Thabiso Sikhosana of Aljama ,Jerry Tuuba of (Areco) Arusha Economic Coalion and Themba Donacabe of the Democratic Alliance.

The by-elections will be on the 31 October around Winterveldt from 8 am in the morning.

In the previous local government elections, the ANC obtained about 97 percent in Ward 9 which was the highest in the whole Gauteng.

The voting stations for this by-elections are Refalotse Primary School, City Rocks ground, Galeboe Middle School, Montsho Primary school, Rev Makunyane Church, Jesus Christ Our Rest Ministries and Old Assemblies of God of Africa.  

The ward remains an ANC stronghold because the party has not received less than 70 percent votes since 1995.

Kate Bapela of the IEC confirmed that by-elections for Tshwane Ward 9 will take place on the 31 October starting with Special votes on the 30 October from 8h00 in the morning to 5h00 in the afternoon.

Bafuzi Yabo the ANC Regional spokesperson in Tshwane said more groundwork has been done.

“We are very prepared to continue winning the ward despite a number of parties contesting in the ward. The ward is our stronghold, in previous elections is was the highest in Gauteng with about 97 percent of the people voting for the ANC.

“The ward has close to 16 000 voters and the majority of them wanted the ANC to continue with its work of delivering services to them,” said Yabo.

Councillor Nkele Molapo of the DA said they are well prepared to take the ward from the ANC.

“We are prepared to take the ward and we have been speaking to people and they are very positive to vote for our party,” said Molapo.

Thapelo Makgale the spokesperson for F4SD said they are ready to win the ward and they have managed to convince those who did not want to vote to vote for their party.

“As F4SD we are ready and we are visible on the ground and the community is happy and wants us to represent them. We have a young candidate because youth a not represented in the council,” said Makgale.

Our predictions place ANC on top

Predictions by City Post  Reporter Sizwe Zwane

*The ANC has a lot of chance to win the Tshwane Ward 9 by 70 to 80 percent due to small parties that pop up during election time. Remember this is no number one ANC ward in Gauteng there is no ways that it can lose this ward after it has place Barbara Baloyi well known ANC Women’s league activist in the ward.

*EFF is a danger to the ANC in the Ward by placing Mamane Khoza season local politician and the former political prisoner as their ward candidate. EFF will manage to steal more votes from the DA but will also not manage just a small position of ANC votes. The ANC needs to make sure that people like Mamane Khoza are recruited by to the party because they have followers and good credential. The EFF will manage to get about 20 to 35 percent of the votes.

*The DA candidate Themba Donacabe is an unknown person who is known by few individuals in the community he doesn’t stand a chance in this by-elections. The DA will be embarrassed because they stood not to get more than 10 percent of the votes.

*Cornelius Maponya of the new kid on the block the F4SD (Forum for Service Delivery) has a good track record in community work and he will manage to steal more votes from the ANC, EFF, and DA voters. He will surprise many by getting between 10 and 15 percent event his party doesn’t have enough budget to push elections campaign.

*Jerry Tuuba of (Areco) Arusha Economic Coalition is another unknown politician from an unknown party, I don’t think he stood a chance of getting 5 percent of the votes. This one will get about 1 percent or less.

* Thabiso Sikhosana of Aljama is also not known in the community but he will get more votes from the Moslem community which are less than a percent. He will also get 1 percent or less.

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