ANC must deal with the agents of the white monopoly capital within the party


Yesterday there was lots of brouhaha from prophets of the doom about how will the democratically elected president of the ANC will fall to the ground. Comrade President Jacob Zuma has been to trenches fighting to liberate this country from apartheid and the western imperialists. He is one of the most intelligent ANC leaders, he has served in the Intelligence wing of the ANC. The opposition funded by the White Monopoly Capital’s aim was to use the ANC MP’s to remove the president, which was going to be easy for them to grab the power through the back door.

By using ANC MP’s it was their strategy which will later be a PR strategy to make people turn against the ANC. People will be angry if Comrade President is removed because the MP’s in parliament will be betraying people who voted ANC into power. Their aim was to turn ANC voters against the ANC and used that to campaign in 2019.

I am a believer of freedom of press and expression but I am disappointed the way most South African journalists have been writing about the 60 ANC members who will be voting for the opposition without gathering facts.

 That is amateur journalism…There are certain media which write only negative things about the ANC and President Zuma which proved that they have hidden agenda. While the so-called political commentators were talking hogwash about the revolutionary leader and some lazy journalist wrote his obituary JZ just kept quiet and observe the situation knowing that the White Monopoly Capital will they never even in a million years defeat the mighty African National Congress.

Now comrade president and the ANC have to make sure that they clean the mess before the December conference because the movement is being infiltrated by the agents of CIA and the West who want regime change in South Africa.

Ill discipline members like Makhosi Khoza, Mondli Gungubele, Pravin Gordhan and others should face the music of they will sink the revolutionary ship to the ocean rocks. All those who voted with the opposition should be expelled from the organization, the ANC cannot afford to have agents of the West who have a hidden agenda of overthrowing the People’s government.

It is time for the president to do another cabinet reshuffling all SACP members should also be removed from the cabinet, they have made their voice heard by singing the same tune which the enemy of the revolution. The president needs to have people he can trust, people who will be prepared to take the bullet for him, not back stabbers who are pretending to support him while plotting his downfall with the enemy.

All those who have been talking to the opposition planning to remove the president they should go, because they contribute to try to remove the ANC government from power.



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