Country security comprised because of the Oppenheimers



*THE Oppenheimer’s VIP Terminal at OR Tambo operates on a National Key Point on which Denel – a strategic state asset that operates within the defense systems, weaponry, and military – is based. The Oppenheimers want a hassle-free gateway that puts this country’s security at risk of illicit diamonds, drug, and human trafficking. For Denel, the risk to personnel, material, information, secrets, and espionage is real. But who cares? These are the Oppenheimers…

MISSING from the debate and sadly from yesterday’s Parliament’s engagement with the Oppenheimers on their VIP terminal at Oliver Tambo International Airport is the fundamental question of national sovereignty – what it means and who has ultimate control over borders and immigration. Missing too from the “Oppenheimers briefing Parliament” session were policy frameworks that guide government in its partnerships with private contractors in migration control, not to mention the absence of operational agreements which include who pays for what service, how much and how those amounts were derived.

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.

Sovereignty is the most extensive form of jurisdiction under international law. In general terms, it denotes full and unchallengeable power over a piece of territory and all the persons from time to time therein.

Immigration control has traditionally been viewed as an inalienable sovereign function of the state and the question that arises is why South Africa would want to outsource its duty to control and safeguard its borders to private consultants, the Oppenheimers no less.

The Oppenheimers are South Africa’s wealthiest family having made their ill-gotten money off the blood of Africans here and surrounding countries in diamond mines. They have benefited from apartheid policy of land dispossession, segregation and exploitation….Watch this video for a view into the Oppenheimer Empire

But they want more…an international entry point into South Africa for the rich that puts this country at risk of illicit diamonds, human trafficking, armaments, drugs and much more…And guess what? They are operating on a National Key Point but they are Oppenheimers you see, they can capture a country’s borders and there’s no uproar from the media or any of our modern-day moralists and anti-state capture activists.

After a legal battle between Fireblade (the Oppenheimer business), Denel and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), a judge gave the VIP terminal the go-ahead earlier this year. Denel, from whom Fireblade leases space for its 7-star operation, had consistently objected to the application on the basis that the terminal was on a National Key Point and had not complied with the security measures stipulated for National Key Point.

Denel had argued that as a strategic state asset that operates within the defense systems, weaponry, and military-related projects, both nationally and internationally, Fireblade’s non-compliance to security measures posed a “security risk to personnel, material, information, secrets, and espionage are real and serious”.

At issue for Denel was Fireblade’s noncompliance with security measures stipulated for a National Key Point. It objected to the application on the basis of “security concerns” which it said included the risk of drug and human trafficking and illicit smuggling of material such as money, precious metals, and weaponry.

The Oppenheimers claim, and the courts agreed with them, that Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba approved the operation and later reneged. What remains unspoken of is the issue of sovereignty and the ambit of the state as the sole manager of immigration and border control and how this ANC government has outsourced that to the Oppenheimers as it has with all the other basic services that it has commodified and put in the hands of private contractors.

As it turns out, there are major problems with the Fireblade/SA government partnership.

For starters, there has been no legal framework on which it is governed despite the many years Fireblade has operated on the domestic level and the court ruling that extended the service to an international port of entry at the beginning of the year
There are several government departments providing services for the Oppenheimer operation but none have a formal agreement and with the exception of DHA, are not being paid. These include State Security, Department of Home Affairs, South African Revenue Services (SARS), and others and it emerged that the DHA is paid a pitiful amount of R117,000
Line departments currently have to divert staff from OR Tambo International Airport to the private terminal when required. This happens despite the shortage of human capital to service high volumes at OR Tambo.















ANC won Tshwane Ward 9 by elections

Tshwane Ward 9 councilor Barbara Baloyi and ANC Tshwane Regional Secretary Eugene Bonzo Modise celebrating after ANC took the ward.


*AS THE City Post has predicted the ANC has won the Ward 9 by-elections in Winterveldt with about 70 percent beating all the parties that tried to use residents as their voting cows. The ANC has earlier said the people of Winterveldt still want it to continue with their good work of providing services to them.

The residents has rejected the DAEFF which rented a crowd from around Tshwane and other areas of Gauteng to assist them with elections because people don’t want to associate themselves with soft counter revolutionary parties. Small parties like the African Christian Democratic Party, Al Jama-Ah; Arusha Economic Coalition, Forum 4 Service Delivery; and South African First did a great job by taking 3 percent of the DAEFF votes.

The ANC has yet again won by elections with two thirds  after getting 68 percent of the votes followed by the DA by 17 percent, EFF got 10 percent small parties shared the 3 percent and 2 percent were spoilt ballot papers.

The DA tried by all means to get the votes by bringing their poster boy Solly Msimanga, including the Mickey Mouse MMC’s but voters, choose to ignore the DA and the London boy’s party the EFF.  They tried to bride residents with blankets, food parcels and money for wearing DA t-shirts. Residents took the food parcels, blankets and money…continue to vote for ANC.

The ANC Regional Secretary , Eugene Bonzo Modise said the branches and volunteers have worked hard to make sure that the ward remain in the hands of the ANC.

“We are focused and determined. It is the second successive and comprehensive victory in Tshwane’s by elections for the ANC, our glorious revolutionary movement. From here we are going to ward 19 and we will win it without any doubt because the ANC is the only organisation that deliver services to the people.

The ANC incoming ward councilor Barbara Baloyi casting vote at Old Assemblies of God of Africa.

“Comrade Barbara Baloyi has been tried and tested in the organisation; she will deliver the ANC mandate by making sure the people are getting services as our councillors are doing. She is ready to attend the next council meeting to represent the residents of ward 9.

“Congratulations to the RET (Regional Elections Team) and volunteers of the ANC in Tshwane, who came from all zones in the City. The struggle for a better life for all continues and victory is certain,” said Modise. 

*Candidate who took part in by elections are Baloyi of the African National Congress; Thabiso Joseph Sikhosana from Al Jama-Ah; Jerry Phuti Tuuba from Arusha Economic Coalition; Themba Nelson Peter Donacabe from the Democratic Alliance; Mamane Lina Khoza from the Economic Freedom Fighters; Cornelius Lebogang Maponya from Forum 4 Service Delivery; Evelyn Modibaof the African Christian Democratic Party; Matshidiso Barbara; and Leseja Philemon Makgoka from South African First.