Tshwane under the DA the same like Transvaal


*THE PEOPLE OF Tshwane been living under serious trauma for the past 2 years because they were governed by an administration that doesn’t care about them…We lost 10 kids under this administration because of lack of service delivery. Under the DA administration, 5 kids were killed in Soshanguve by a high mast light because of lack of service delivery and another 5 were burnt alive inside a shack because the administration failed to services…In less than 24 hours Solly Msimanga aka Mr, I don’t Know the so-called mayor of the City of Tshwane will be gone because people of Tshwane are tired to be under a Mickey Mouse DA administration.

Since the City of Tshwane was established about 2 decades ago it is for the first time the people of Tshwane experience worst service delivery while DA leaders are looting City coffers to fill their deep pockets. It is for the first time in the history of Tshwane we experience a flood of the inexperienced head of departments in the city. In fact, Tshwane is being administered like an apartheid-era Transvaal were uneducated whites get top positions while education blacks remain on junior positions. The truth is that Tshwane under the DA the same as Stad van Pretoria and Transvaal apartheid era administrations.

We have Father Smangaliso Mkhatshwa as the first mayor of the City of Tshwane, followed by Gwen Ramokgopa and Kgosientso Ramokgopa all this mayor we serving the people of Tshwane with respect and dignity by delivering best services to all people of Tshwane respective of race. There were lots of service delivery to the people and then in 2016  BOOOOOM!!! We have Solly Msimanga aka Mr I don’t know.

Solly is the worst performing mayor in the history of the city and people of Tshwane have enough of him and we are happy because in the next 24 hours he won’t be our mayor. The people of Tshwane will remember Solly as the mayor who serves his white masters and ignoring service delivery in the whole City especially the townships.  Hamba Msimanga uye lena ku Zille ekapa, you were the worst mayor of our City.

*I would like to congratulate the ANC leadership in Tshwane for doing a good job by exposing the corrupt DA administration under Solly Msimanga in the City. I would also thank the people of Tshwane for supporting the ANC leadership in their fight against corruption in the DA lead administration.

Today the ANC will welcome communities to a night vigil at Burgers Park from 21h00 as per their request through our branch structures. They will also hold a march to the council on Thursday the 30th August starting at 09h00 am and departing from Burgers Park. editor@citypost.co.za

End of the road for Solly Msimanga



*THE ANC in Tshwane has confirmed that a substantive urgent people’s motion of no confidence has been submitted to the Speaker of Council on 22 August 2018 in a statement.

According to the ANC, the motion was motivated by a number of issues which includes rampant corruption, maladministration and poor service delivery in the City of Tshwane.

Lesego Makhubela the ANC Caucus spokesperson said the African National Congress is not desperate for power, they simply advancing community grievances levelled against a corrupt DA-led administration which has been characterized with poor service delivery especially in townships and informal settlements.

“It is now well documented that the DA-led administration has stopped legitimate projects initiated by the ANC government and said that the ANC was corrupt, to this day the DA has never brought any evidence or the successful prosecution of ANC politicians in this regard. The public now knows that the office of the Executive Mayor is riddled with irregular appointments and disregard for employment equity and affirmative action and he has not even addressed the youth bulge and rampant unemployment in the City, which is a ticking time bomb.

“We have seen an unprecedented arrival of public institutions of the state in the form of the Public Protector, who now has a report from the City Manager on irregular appointments in the office of the Executive Mayor. The Auditor General who is now reviewing the GladAfrica [Ariya] historic corruption scandal to the tune of R12 Billion,” said Makhubela.
Makhubela said the South African Qualification Authority dismissal of lies peddled by the City that senior officials are vetted. The MEC who has now send section 106 b [1] to the Executive Mayor.

“The ANC has listened to communities and it is our obligation as the leader of society to serve them and provide solutions to their problems associated with the DA-led administration failed to deliver minimum basic services of water, electricity, sanitation and waste collection in townships and informal settlements. All our people want change in the Capital City and the ANC will lobby other political parties to make sure that we don’t use the back door but we come through the front door of Council and deliver on minimum basic services.

“The ANC has taken a decision to field a candidate in the form of its Chairperson and the new leader of opposition in Council, Dr Kgosi Maepa should the need arise during Council proceedings. We are aware that no political party has won an outright majority and we will lobby other parties to firstly support the motion of no confidence and we will support other political parties who also submitted the same motion,” added Makhubela.

The ultimate pursuit is to have fresh elections and get a fit and proper mandate from Tshwane voters and ratepayers to govern the City.
We will not renege on our solemn commitment to fight corruption and maladministration whenever it raises its ugly head like here in the City of Tshwane.

The ANC leader in Tshwane, Dr Kgoshi Maepa said their objective as the ANC in Tshwane is to register grievances that were submitted to the people since the DA-led corrupt administration took over in 2016. So far they have done a lot of work to expose the rogue DA-mob in Tshwane and their corrupt administration.

“The ANC in Tshwane has a plan to ameliorate the socio-economic conditions of our people – we want to reverse squalor and abject poverty in the City, we are now going to work with other parties in Council tomorrow (30 August) to lobby for the removal of the DA’s incompetent Executive Mayor, Solly Msimanga.

“Ours is not a short-cut to power through the back door, the ANC is not desperate for power at all costs driven by instant political gratification and narrow selfish intentions.

It is the ANC that has called for fresh elections as a mechanism to allow Tshwane residents an opportunity to decide the future of the City after DA’s monumental failure to deliver basic service to our people,” said Maepa.

He said, however, during Council tomorrow, the ANC will be guided by the political situation, lobbying and make a decision based on objective and subjective conditions in Council on a way forward. In the end, the will of the people must come first and prevail, the struggle for a better life continues and victory! sizwe@cityposty.co.za






City manager suspended


THE CITY MANAGER has been suspended and more dirty are expected to come out…The truth is that the City is control by corrupt elements and more corrupt people are still making decisions and the people of Tshwane deserve to know every parasite that are milking city coffers dry.

Moeketsi Mosola was suspended in a council special sitting on Wednesday afternoon. The DA Councillors who were trying to play clean supported the ANC to support Mosola with immediate effect in relation with tender granted to Gladafrica to manage city infrastructure with a budget over R12 billion. The EFF which was supporting the city manager walk out of the council meeting.

It did not end there earlier the DA tried to put this under carpet by suggesting a special council meeting to be held behind closed doors but London funded party the EFF and the ANC which represent the people of Tshwane objected the unintelligent move.

Tshwane’s own General Gaddaffi , councillor George Matjila  said, “We pay the city manager R2.7million and the public must be taken into confidence about its finances. We are advocating that this matter must be discussed in the open and the public must know that the man we pay R2.7million is either corrupt or is vindicated by this meeting. Let’s discuss this matter in the open for the benefit of the public that pays taxes that pay this man.”

City of Tshwane mayor who tried to put this under carpet by pushing for special sitting to discuss this matter in camera said the city manager has seven days to defend his position.

“The city manager has seven days to make written representations to the council on why his suspension should not proceed after prima facie evidence has emerged that he unlawfully concluded a contract.

“The implication of this is that the city now faces serious financial risk, which could run in excess of hundreds of millions of rand at the ratepayers’ expense, which we will endeavour to deal with and mitigate decisively,” Msimanga said.

*The City Post has learned that the suspended City manager a white lady by the name of Lorrette Tredqux as acting City manager. The Letter said, “I hereby wish to appoint you to act as City Manager on the 22 August 2018.

City Post will follow this keep reading our online news for more on the City of Tshwane corruption….for any corruption news tip email your information and evidence to news@citypost.co.za or editor@citypost.co.za

Corrupt DA being exposed daily



WHEN I KEEP seeing skeletons keep coming out of the DA closet. I keep asking myself why is Julius Malema is so silence about this. To be honest I am not surprised by this scandals because the DA is the same PFP under Helen Suzman ,and the same DP under Zach De Beer which was silent when a black man was being oppressed by the National Party regime. 

This is the same political party which was enjoying the benefits of apartheid while apartheid government was oppressing us. During that time their membership was open to white people only and maybe Mbuzi Maimane aka Mmusi and Mr I don’t know aka Solly Msimanga are not aware of this because THEY WERE NOT EVEN BORN if they were not in kindergarten. 

It is not a secret that when a racist white man wants a dirty job to be done he gets a black man. That is why we have Mmusi Maimane, Solly Msimanga, Herman Mashaba and other blacks that need to be helped to see the light before is too late.

I sleep with a smile seeing corrupt DA being exposed daily because it is traumatic being under the rule of racist white party window dressing with a black face. I smell a rat here!!!! Why is Julius so silence maybe he was given a multi billion tender.We will wait and see because everything is now coming out. 

I was also not surprised to hear Solly Msimanga on 702 refusing to answer Kgoshi Maepa’s questions about corruption in the City of Tshwane. He refused to answer the questions. He also refused live debate on radio but the radio presenter fail to asked him why he is refusing the answer the questions and do debate a live debate on radio because 702 is pro DA and White monopoly Capital. If the mayor failed to answer questions directed to him as the City mayor. I asked myself who is the mayor of Tshwane? Maybe they have asked the wrong person, those questions!!! 

We cannot have corruption, nepotism and maladministration being revealed everyday and the mayor failing to act. The Gauteng Provincial Government need to practice their power by placing this City of Tshwane under administration while they investigate all this mess cause by the DAEFF. We cannot be under an administration which is causing a mess instead of bringing services to the people. We need more DAEFF skeletons out of the closet. Why the mayor is so silent about this? Why Mbuzi Maimane is also silent? AND Juju is silent as a white ghost!!!Ga le ba bona ba didimetse le tsebe gore mokgwa gona. africa@citypost.co.za

Another false qualification in the City of Tshwane



THE DA ADMINISTRATION of Tshwane which has many scandals in its closet, has been hit by another scandal. Since the City of Tshwane was taken by the DA administration through the back door everything is falling apart and more scandals are coming on the ground. The latest scandal a Tshwane MMC appointed his nephew as the head of Tshwane Emergency Services with false qualifications earning a salary of more than a R1 million .

This revelation follows hot on the heels of the recent scandals of improper and irregular appointments that rocked the City of Tshwane. Two recent examples come to mind, Marietta Aucamp the disgraced former Chief of Staff (i.e. Salary of R1m+) who had no qualifications and experience – including Mr. Stephen de Villiers, a gentlemen with a questionable “body builders” certificate who was appointed as the Executive Head (i.e. Salary of R1m+) in the Office of the Executive Mayor.

According to Councillor Lesego Makhubela the ANC Tshwane Caucas Spokesperson it has come to light that the Chief Of Emergency Services, Previn Govender falsified his qualifications in order to be appointed in his position as Chief Of Emergency Services Head, a very Senior position in the Executive.

“It seems the rot of corruption and incompetence runs deeper in the City of Tshwane. Previn Govender has reportedly claimed to be in possession of an NQF level 7 qualifications which has since been disputed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

“This appointment has denied a great number of experienced and qualified people who also applied for the job and were not considered due to corruption, favouraritsm and nepotism associated with this appointment. Information at our disposal has reveal that Previn Govender is related to the MMC of Community Safety, Derrick Kisoonduth, the political principal over emergency services. Mr Previn Govender is the son of MMC Pastor Kissonduth’s Sister .This is nepotism of the highest order. It is now becoming clearer by the day that the DA administration is led by crooks masquerading as pastors,”  said Makhubela.

He said it is on record that MMC Pastor Kissonduth together with the disgraced City Manager presided over the interviews that eventually appointed his nephew Mr Govender.

“Let us ask the question; what kind of clean government appoints an inadequately qualified person to oversee services that are midway between life and death? Is this a caring government? As the ANC, we do not think so!

“Lives are lost every day in car incidents and fires because at the helm of Emergency Services is an incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified person who is appointed based on political party affiliation., corruption, favouritism and blatant nepotism.

“The DA administration thought it would get away with all this corruption and Maladministration because it has portrayed itself as a beacon of all things morally upright. The ANC calls for the immediate removal of MMC Kissonduth and the immediate resignation of his nephew as Chief Of Emergency Services failing which, we are left with no option but to approach law enforcement agencies and the Public Protector to investigate appointments of senior executives since August 2016 to date,” concluded Makhubela.

The DA and the City of Tshwane did not respond to our media inquiry at time of going to press. africa@citypost.co.za






Put Tshwane under administration-ANC


*THE CITY OF Tshwane, it is not put under administration, might collapse because of looting of state coffers by corrupt elements in the DA administration who are running the city like Helen Zille’s spaza shop.

The ANC in Tshwane has revealed that there is a trio that is causing the collapse of the city, they are Moeketsi Mosola (City Manager), Councilor Sheila Senkubuge (MMC – Roads and Transport) and Councilor Mandla Nkomo (MMC – Housing and human settlements). R250 million which should have been used to provide services in the townships has been given to their middleman Glad Africa by the DA administration as a fee. This means if the middleman manages to be paid R250 million in 6 months, more than a Billion rands of taxpayer’s money will go to the same middleman in 2 years time.

During the media briefing the chairperson of the ANC in Tshwane, Dr. Kgoshi Maepa said the appointment of the consultancy firm GladAfrica by the City Manager of Tshwane, Moeketsi Mosola using a flawed process negates the popular narrative of clean governance peddled by the DA during their 2016 Local Government Elections campaign.

“We have been told many times about a false thesis that the DA-led government is clean wherever it is found, although Regulation 32 of the MFMA allows for the Accounting Officer of a Municipality to procure goods or services from an existing contract at another Organ of State, the circumstances present in this case are a flagrant abuse and flouting of the law and MFMA process.

“ Moeketsi Mosola has overstepped his authority by procuring services using Regulation 32 of a contract completely unrelated in form and scope to the contract he subsequently concluded with GladAfrica Consulting (Pty) LTD. Regulation 32, in essence, says that a municipality can procure same for same. The level of disregard and rectitude displayed by the City Manager and the DA administration in this instance is at unprecedented levels. Documents in our possession clearly demonstrate that the DBSA contract from which the City Manager procured the services of GladAfrica was awarded for a period of three years from the 20th November 2014,” said Maepa.

He added by saying the ‘Tshwane contract” stipulates that GladAfrica has been appointed to oversee a capital budget of approximately R3,7bn in the 2017/2018 financial year with a 10% fee drawn for the professional services provided.

“To date since the commencement of the contract approximately R250m worth of fees has been paid for by the City towards the PMU. This is middle-man fees, where GladAfrica had to pay other contractors on behalf of the City of Tshwane.

“The PMU is charging the City ludicrous fees ranging between R2000 and R4000 per hour which are inflated higher than the regulated rates as issued by ECSA. The regulated rates for professional services range between R800 and R1200 per hour. The PMU is clearly ripping the people of Tshwane off!

Evidence at our disposal shows that the bulk of the invoices submitted have been paid for by the Roads and Transport and Housing and human settlements departments. It appears that there is a trio of kleptomaniacs who are hell-bent on collapsing the finances of the City. The trio is made up of the City manager Moeketsi Mosola, Councilor Sheila Senkubuge and Councilor Mandla Nkomo,” said Maepa.

He added by saying it cannot be business as usual anymore when kleptomaniacs such as these continue to remain at the helm of the City and its departments. We are calling for their immediate resignation and the immediate cancellation of the corrupt contract of thieves.

“We want the Executive Mayor to demonstrate the amount of services and infrastructure delivered for the approximately R250m spent thus far. We also want an itemized breakdown of the amounts paid. The Executive Mayor Councilor Solly Msimanga must show us what the money delivered for the people of the City of Tshwane.

“Taxpayer’s money cannot be siphoned and stolen in this manner without anyone accounting for it and we will never allow it to happen. We want to unequivocally state that we will not allow such gross acts of maladministration to happen on our watch,” added Maepa.

The ANC Caucus Spokesperson Lesego Makhubela added by saying ever since the DA took over the administration of this City we have seen them roll back the gains made by the ANC government in less than two years. He said they have seen the DA administration employ unqualified senior managers and seen them gradually disinvest from the townships.

“We have seen them shut down progressive programs of the ANC only to resuscitate them at a later stage under a different guise, we have seen them go on a massive purge of qualified senior officials for political expediency. Now we see them creating a shadow administration in which SCM processes are done away with and tenders for pals are the order of the day!

“The President of the Republic of South Africa, his Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa must sign an SIU [Special Investigation Unit] proclamation for the City of Tshwane since August 2016 to date. The City Manager [Moeketsi Mosola] must be suspended with immediate effect pending investigations and the Executive ‘Mr. I don’t know, I was not there” [Solly Msimanga] must resign with immediate effect.

“We are going to open a criminal case against the City Manager as the ANC; the MEC of Local Government in Gauteng must immediately put the city under administration and invoke section 100. We also demand the MEC of Local Government in Gauteng must immediately invoke section 106 [1] [b] investigation into corruption and maladministration in the City of Tshwane,” said Makhubela.

The City manager Moeketsi Mosola claim innocence on the awarding of a multi-million rand project management contract awarded to engineering consultancy GladAfrica to oversee infrastructure projects.

“I wish to place it on record, the Executive Mayor Solly Msimanga wrote to me as the accounting officer and city manager of Tshwane, requesting information about the process that was followed in appointing Ariya Project Managers’ GladAfrica. The Executive Mayor requested a comprehensive report together with supporting documentation must be provided to him on or before August 14.” 


“I received inquiries on the same matter from a Sunday Times journalist. I advised him, in a WhatsApp message, that the Executive Mayor had written to me formally to compile a comprehensive report regarding the same matter and until such a time I have formally when I have submitted the report to the mayor, I was not in a position to comment publicly,” said Mosola. sizwe@citypost.co.za

DAEFF show their true colours in Tshwane


THE ANC IN Gauteng is in shock but not surprised by corruption done by the Western Imperialist and London backed DAEFF coalition in the City of Tshwane. The DAEFF coalition which took the City of Tshwane through the back door started to show their true colours when they put thousands of black workers out of jobs…Now again they are showing their real colours that they don’t care about the people of Tshwane. Now struggling businessmen have to take their last cent to pay a middle man which is GladAfrica facilitation fees. Companies who are registered with the City of Tshwane database have to register with this middleman to get business in the City. Officials who are against the DAEFF corruption are intimidated for standing against corruption.

The DA which claimed to be corruption free and the office of Solly Msimanga the mayor City of Tshwane which is run by the DAEFF coalition failed to respond to questions on the media inquiry sent to them by the City Post.

Gauteng ANC spokesperson Motalatale Modiba said according to the Sunday Times, the DA-led administration outsources the city’s multi-billion rand Capex expenditure which is at the heart of service delivery.

“The ANC Gauteng Province is appalled, disgusted but not surprised by the DAEFF coalition showing their true colours in the City of Tshwane. The money for the construction of roads, water and electricity infrastructure, the building of community infrastructure and other key service delivery related infrastructure is catered for from this budget.

“What this means is that service providers which include struggling entrepreneurs who used to get business directly from the municipality are now at the mercy of a middle-man which is GladAfrica, who have to be paid facilitation fees. These companies who were registered with the City have now been compelled to register on the database of GladAfrica for them to get any business,” said Modiba.

Modiba added by saying bringing in the consultancy has dramatically inflated prices as the consultancy fees are way beyond accepted rates as approved by the Engineering Council of South Africa and the Department of Public Service and Administration.

“Effectively the DAEFF city has done away with competitive bidding processes and has literally outsourced its procurement to GladAfrica. The situation has led to the intimidation of senior managers in the city who have questioned this irregularity. The ANC has it on good authority that the Head of Utility Services Stephen Notoane, Head of Roads Transport Pheko Letlonkane and Tich Mekhoe Head of Community and Social Development refused to be party to this corruption by refusing to compromise their professionalism and ethics. Effectively, they declined to authorise their departments to work with GladAfrica. Unsurprisingly, they had their delegated authority unreasonably withdrawn.

“We have also learnt that the City Manager has issued a memo to all staff informing them that he has withdrawn the delegated authority of the three officials, it is not surprising that the DAEFF coalition has not done anything to intervene nor to protect the hard-working officials, even though they are fully aware of the ongoing situation. It is now very clear that the glue that holds together the coalition government is based on patronage and corruption,” he said.

The non-action of the DAEFF has basically elevated Mosola into a starring or one of the most powerful and untouchable civil servants in South Africa as he has been left to operate as he pleases. City Post has also learned that this City Manager often boasts that he enjoys full protection from the EFF to whom he runs each time the Executive Mayor Solly Msimanga tries to tighten the screws around him for alleged wrongdoing.

“If the DAEFF coalition is serious about service delivery in the City of Tshwane they should immediately suspend Mosola and institute an investigation into the grand scale corruption, and thereafter take the report to the South African Police Service.
“Interestingly Julius Malema and his cohorts of Economic Freedom Fighters seem to be the only ones economically free far beyond their parliamentary and other legitimately known sources of funding, another irony is the DAEFF corrupt, immoral and ideologically schizophrenic relationship exposed daily where the EFF purports to be pro-black and pro-poor, while the DA wants to rid South Africa of ANC policy implementation such as Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action,”added Modiba.

He concluded by saying in the light of all of these shenanigans, the ANC repeats its call for the immediate suspension of Moeketsi Mosola, the Municipal Manager in the City of Tshwane pending a forensic investigation into the alleged irregular and unlawful awarding of a multi-billion rand project management contract to GladAfrica to manage the City’s capital expenditure projects to the tune of R12 billion.

Kgoshi Maepa the chairperson of the ANC in Tshwane said in the South African history of corruption at a metropolitan municipality, they have never seen the scale of what was reported in the City of Tshwane.

“One company was illegal awarded a consulting contract by the City Manager to run the entire R12 Billion Capex budget and earn R1.2 Billion for overseeing normal course of IDP projects via a “Sham PMU” and illegally allocate work to its sole preferred contractors.

“This DA-led government scandal has broken all records of existing corruption scandals in the history of the local sphere of government in Africa. The President must immediately sign an SIU investigation, instruct that the municipality is put under administration and appoint an administrator with immediate effect,” said Maepa. news@citypost.co.za

ANC is not saving VBS Mutual Bank


THE AFRICAN NATIONAL Congress has rejected reports of a shady plan to save the controversial VBS Mutual Bank. The ANC in a statement issued from Luthuli House said they have noted with concern media reports purporting a meeting where they are supposed to have discussed a “rescue plan” for VBS Mutual Bank.

Pule Mabe of the ANC said the officials categorically reject these reports as being a fabrication totally void of any truth.

“On the contrary, the Officials are more concerned by the loss suffered by the burial societies, the aged and stokvels amongst others.

“This is money belonging to the most marginalised in our society and should be urgently recovered and returned to their rightful owners,” said Mabe.

He said the ANC commends the government for its efforts to safeguard monies belonging to the poor and working class and calls on law enforcement agencies to act without fear or favour where there is evidence of wrongdoing, whosoever is implicated.  news@citypost.co.za

ANC spearheaded #DataMustFall campaign 


*THE AFRICAN NATIONA Congress is spearheading the #DataMustFall campaign by calling for an urgent lowering of the cost of data in South Africa. The ANC continues to be concerned about the negative impact that the high cost of data services has on ordinary South Africans, especially workers, youth, students, and women. 

Pule Mabe the national spokesperson of the ANC said as a result of the high costs of data, the majority of our people are unable to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy in our democracy.

“It further stifles the growth and development of small businesses, the ANC believes that lowering the cost of data will be a catalyst for economic growth. It will unlock economic opportunities and thus contribute to economic growth and job creation.

“The ANC encourages the government to take urgent steps to ensure full implementation of all policies and regulations in support of the #DataMustFall campaign, working together with the Regulator (ICASA) and all mobile operators in our country.

“The ANC calls on all relevant stakeholders to take urgent steps to ensure implementation of this important policy imperative. We urge the regulator and mobile operators to move swiftly in finding an amicable solution to the disputes surrounding regulations on the Code of Conduct for Electronic Communications Services,” said Mabe.

Mabe encouraged that some operators have taken the first step to lower data prices since the popular call for lowing data costs, however, this is not enough.

“The mobile operators must demonstrate goodwill and lower data prices and allow the government to resolve the allocation of new spectrum.  The release of spectrum international mobile telecommunications services (IMT-Advance) is expected to also resolve most of the constraints experienced by mobile operators and also accelerate the roll-out of broadband networks in rural areas, particularly the wholesale Wireless Open Access Network (WOAN) earmarked in the policy.

“The ANC policy seeks to increase investment and growth in the telecommunications sector. At our recent ANC Lekgotla, we called on the government to urgently implement the decision of the 54th National Conference, specifically the need to lower the cost of communications in the country, in particular, the cost of data,” added Mabe.

He concluded by saying the recent ANC Lekgotla has also resolved that government must urgently issue a policy for the allocation of radio frequency spectrum to the WOAN, existing operators and new entrants before the investment Summit planned for October this year.  sizwe@citypost.co.za

ANC exposed racist DA on BBBEE


*AS THERE So-called Democratic Alliance’s ideological confusion on the broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) policy continues to play itself out in the public domain, the African National Congress has reiterated its consistent and unambiguous position on this transformation policy instrument.

According to Pule Mabe, the ANC national spokesperson the ANC which is the oldest liberation movement in the country is neither shocked nor surprised by the DA’s flip-flopping on BBBEE.

“We have long exposed the DA as a party committed to defending white privilege and preserving the status quo. The DA’s opposition and active resistance to BBBEE are understandable. Beneficiaries of economic apartheid cannot be expected to support policy measures that broaden access to economic opportunities to the majority of South Africans, and in the process shake the very foundation of white economic privilege.

“For the DA to claim that they are ditching black economic empowerment (BEE) because it is “just not working”, is extremely disingenuous. It is an excuse for their own deep-seated resistance to economic transformation. Yes, there are serious challenges with regard to some aspects of the implementation of the programme. Indeed, the benefits of BBBEE are still to reach the vast majority of our people. However, these and other challenges cannot be raised as excuses to throw the baby with the bathwater,” said Mabe.

Mabe said they are also concerned that some of the benefits and opportunities brought by Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment have not gone to their intended beneficiaries as a result of the scourge of fronting.

“We are encouraged by the visible efforts of our cadres in public sector institutions to address this phenomenon. Fronting defeats and undermines all our efforts at deracialising our economy and undoing the economic inequalities of our ugly past.

“The ANC’s vision for the South African economy is guided by the Freedom Charter’s clarion call that the people shall share in the country’s wealth. In its 54th National Conference, the ANC noted that despite the economic advances of the past 23 years of freedom and democracy, the legacy of colonialism and apartheid is still deeply entrenched in our society and in the structure of the South African economy.

“The ANC-led government inherited an economy that excluded the majority of South Africans. It was carefully designed to serve the interests of the minority to the deliberate exclusion of the majority. Thus the economy we inherited was unable to respond to the developmental challenges of the new democratic order. Broad-based black economic empowerment is a critical policy instrument aimed at redressing past economic injustices and inequalities we inherited,” added Mabe.

He said BBBEE is part of the struggle to transform our economy to enable it to serve the needs and aspirations of all South Africans. We are pursuing this path because we are aware that the democratic breakthrough would be meaningless if it is not accompanied by a vibrant and growing economy that can benefit all our people.

“It must worry all of us, including the Democratic Alliance, that twenty years since our freedom, the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality still bear a largely blackface. The race will continue to be a key factor in all our transformation efforts. Building a truly non-racial and equal society will require deliberate and systematic efforts. The legacy of many centuries of economic deprivation we seek to eradicate is so entrenched that it requires sustained action to deliver effective and thoroughgoing economic transformation.

“We remain relentless and unwavering in our pursuit of economic transformation because we believe that broadening participation in the economic mainstream is imperative if we are to succeed in building a dynamic and growing economy. We will never waiver in our commitment to transform the ownership patterns of our economy. Among other things, black people must own productive assets of the country and also participate in the decision-making process. This is what we mean by radical economic transformation.

“We have a collective responsibility, across all political parties, to support measures that promote access to economic opportunities for all our people in order to give practical meaning to the pledge we made during our struggle for liberation that we will never consider our mission complete and our liberation achieved, if the people of our country remain, victims of economic exclusion,” concluded Mabe.

The ANC said we must remind the DA and other opponents of BBBEE that the de-racialization of our economy not only makes good business sense but is also a critical prerequisite for political and economic stability in our country. africa@citypost.co.za